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Persian Wool & Silk Rug Cleaning

How to clean a $12,000 Persian Rug Cleaning a handmade Persian Wool and Silk Rug requires specialist understanding and professional skill,  and so takes Persian Rug Cleaning Sydney to whole new level. The problem: A beautiful $12,000 Persian Wool & Silk Rug was brought in for rug cleaning because the dog had used it as…
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Felt Wool Ball Rug

Rug  Felt Wool Rug made of coloured Balls How do you clean a felt rug? We love the diverse colours, fibres and design concepts in rugs that we have the opportunity to clean and restore. This is an unusual rug that we cleaned recently.  It is made of little balls of matted wool in different…
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Dog Urine & Cat Urine on the Carpet

How do you clean Dog Urine on the carpet?

What about Cat Urine on the carpet?

Time & again, customers bring their beautiful rugs in because they are a little smelly - but they don't know why! Surely a session of rug cleaning will do the trick!

It can't be their cute puppy or their adorable kitty cat - butter wouldn't melt in their little mouths! They know to go outside to the garden - right!? They know where their litter tray is - right!?

Accidents will happen, particularly if you have a young puppy or an older dog. How to get the smell of dog wee out of carpet and rugs is big business, judging by the number of products that are on the market to do the job!

DIY options to remove the dog urine or smell, or the cat urine or smell, are OK. But the biggest problem is the enzyme that pet urine leaves behind. That enzyme keeps calling you pet back to the same spot! It needs to be remove by professional rug and carpet cleaners.

Here is what we do:

Rug is submerged
Deep Cleansed
Ready to be collected – clean, hygienic, fresh!

So, 100s of rug washes later, we know how it goes. Not surprisingly, after our specialised treatment, the rugs are returned to their owners smelling amazing, hygienic once again and brighter in colour.

That's what we do! That is our specialty.puppy & cat

Rugs are Washed for Best Results

Should you Wash a Rug? Devine Rug Clean do wash your rugs! However they do it with understanding that every rug is so different and needs special consideration. From the fibre content, colour techniques, hand made, machine made, colour fastness, origin.... They custom match your rug to the safest and most effective rug cleaning process…
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