Persian Wool & Silk Rug Cleaning

How to clean a $12,000 Persian Rug

Cleaning a handmade Persian Wool and Silk Rug requires specialist understanding and professional skill,  and so takes Persian Rug Cleaning Sydney to whole new level.

The problem: A beautiful $12,000 Persian Wool & Silk Rug was brought in for rug cleaning because the dog had used it as a toilet, and it was disgusting.

The solution: We fully submerged the rug in our purpose built wash pit, gently pressed it and cleaned. We gently washed the rug again, carefully pressed the fibres to release the cleaning liquid and sprayed a special sanitizer over it.

It was then hung in our specially designed drying room.

The result was beautiful.  Hardly any staining.

The result: The flowers are beautiful silk.  If you look from one way, the silk flowers are red, when you look from a different direction they are light and glistening.

  • Wool & Silk Persian Colour

Our service is a ‘blue ribbon service’ – from our industry knowledge and understanding, to how we care and clean your rug through to our customer service. Request a quote today for your beautiful rug!

Devine Persian Rug Cleaning Blue Ribbon Experience

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