Professional Rug Cleaning Process

Rug Cleaning

The Professional Rug Cleaning Process

with the Devine Complete Rug Care team is a Blue Ribbon experience for your rugs!

They will handle your rug(s) with care and proficiency, through a 10 STEP PROCESS as follows:

  1. Inspected for any defects or colour changes or permanent stains and these will be noted to you
  2. Dusted using a gentle yet efficient machine called a Rug Badger
  3. Vacuumed to remove any further loose dirt, foreign fibres or hair
  4. Steam cleaned, encapsulated or a fully immersed clean in a water bath
  5. Dried in our specially built drying room
  6. Vacuumed again to remove any further loose particles
  7. Groomed and inspected
  8. Sanitised or odour treated
  9. Fringe restoration if needed
  10. Rug protection treatment on request

The result is that you take home a beautiful rug that is clean, dry and hygienic, ready to lay on your floor.

Rug cleaning process Rug cleaning care drying process

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