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Persian Wool & Silk Rug Cleaning

How to clean a $12,000 Persian Rug Cleaning a handmade Persian Wool and Silk Rug requires specialist understanding and professional skill,  and so takes Persian Rug Cleaning Sydney to whole new level. The problem: A beautiful $12,000 Persian Wool & Silk Rug was brought in for rug cleaning because the dog had used it as…
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Who’s who at Devine Rug Care

Devine Rug Care Personalities!

.... you were going to say 'the zoo!' We know! But 'no' - it's 'Who's Who at Devine!'

Sometimes it is great to get to know who is behind a brand or company. Especially a company who has been in business for so long and become a family name in the industry and across Sydney.

So we thought it would be fun to show you the faces and smiles behind the name Devine. The whole team was not on location at the same time - but you will get the idea - they all love what they do and do it with passion to see your precious rug cleaned, refreshed, restored and hygienic. You may even see vibrancy and depth in the colours that you hadn't seen since the day you bought it!

Trusting a company with an expensive rug, or just one that means a lot to you, is a big decision. Put your mind at ease when you call or contact Devine!

whos who at Devine Rug Clean

Red Wine stains on your Rug

How to remove Red Wine Stains from your Rug Red wine will always cause panic when it is spilled on a lovely rug or on your clothes. Red wine stains look so obvious and unsightly but they can be treated successful. The tip is 'less is better'. If you have a red wine stain on…
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Rug Care business Booms

Devine Complete Rug Care Business Booms When a business has the expertise and practical knowledge that the team at Devine Complete Rug Care have, then naturally business booms. But for this professional team it has not just boomed - business has doubled in 12 months! Demand has been so great that they have had to…
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