Persian Rug Cleaning

Are you wondering how you are going to clean your Persian Rug?

If you own a Persian Rug, you are probably wondering how you are going to clean your Persian Rug and maintain its beauty? The vibrant colours of Persian Rugs are so breathtaking and their history is so wonderful. According to Wikipedia, carpet weaving is one of the most distinguished manifestations of Persian culture & art. ‘The designs of Persian carpets are copied by weavers from other countries as well. Iran is also the world’s largest producer and exporter of handmade carpets, producing three quarters of the world’s total output.’ Wikipedia

Persian Rug Cleaning

Not all professional rug cleaners Sydney are qualified to clean your Persian Rug. However Devine Rug Clean are qualified Persian Rug Cleaners in Sydney. They have over 30 years experience in the rug cleaning profession and specialise in Persian Rugs. Devine Rug Clean understand fibres, colour bases, weaves and can tell where the rug was made.
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World’s 3rd Largest Persian Rug

‘In 2012, The third largest Persian carpet was unveiled in Tehran International Fairground on Friday. The carpet measures 2400 square meter. 400 weavers worked for about 16 months to complete this magnificent piece. The carpet had been commissioned by the country of Oman for Amin Mosque in the capital city Muscat. The carpet was woven with 40 Knots per square centimeter, and it has over a billion knots. The finished cost: 3.2 million dollars .’ ( These beautiful images by Yunes Khani are amazing:
  • 3rd Biggest Persian Rug
    3rd Biggest Persian Rug
And so is Devine Rug Cleans Service:
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Collect your Persian Rug, cared for and cleaning by Professional Persian Rug Cleaners, Devine Rug Care