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Welcome to Devine Rug Care

One of the largest rug cleaning facilities in Sydney - and now offering Microseal!

Welcome to Devine Rug Care. We hope you enjoy the snapshot of our business & the processes that ensure the best possible result in cleaning and caring for your precious rug every time.
That's our blue ribbon treatment and promise to every customer.

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What We Offer

  • Refresh
    Your rug was not meant to sit on the floor and be...
  • Revitalise
    Revitalise the colours and density of your beautiful rug. Don't let dirt...
  • Restore
    Rug Clean are the specialists in restoring Persian, Oriental, Afghan, wool, cotton...

latest news!

  • Persian Wool & Silk Rug Cleaning
    How to clean a $12,000 Persian Rug Cleaning a handmade Persian Wool and Silk Rug requires specialist understanding and professional skill,  and so takes Persian...
  • Felt Wool Ball Rug
    Rug  Felt Wool Rug made of coloured Balls How do you clean a felt rug? We love the diverse colours, fibres and design concepts in...