Wool & viscose Rug Cleaning

Viscose rugs are mainly manufactured from wood pulp. It’s an inexpensive and breathable material, much like cotton, and makes refreshing soft furnishing. If you’re looking for a luxurious rug at an affordable price point, viscose is an excellent choice.

However, this material comes with its own set of challenges. Viscose easily absorbs moisture, spills, body oils and so on. As the fabric is prone to stretching, it’s crucial to involve professionals for viscose rug cleaning. Improper cleaning and treatment can permanently damage viscose rugs.

Do you need professional wool and viscose rugs cleaning in Sydney? Devine Rug Care is Sydney’s leading rug cleaning company. We provide reliable and effective cleaning and treatment for viscose rugs and carpets.

Expert Wool, Bamboo Viscose Rug Cleaners

Devine Rugs Care is a pioneer of wool and viscose rugs cleaning. With over 40 years of experience, we have developed an exceptional rug cleaning process. Whether you have a brand new rug or an antique bamboo viscose rug, we know how to provide the right treatment and care. As we are leading specialists for viscose rug cleaning in Sydney, you can trust us to restore your rug’s former glory. From deep cleaning and conditioning to stain removal, we offer a comprehensive range of services for wool and viscose rugs.

What Makes us Sydney’s Top Viscose Rug Cleaners

No two rugs are the same, so how can one single product work for them all? At Devine Rug Care, we understand the difference between various fibres and treating them with specialised care.

We are reputable professionals trusted by thousands of happy and satisfied customers. Our service is backed by four decades of industry experience.

Our team of fully trained experts are equipped with advanced equipment and specialised cleaning products to properly clean viscose rugs. We take extra care by exclusively using non-toxic and eco-friendly products.

If you’re too busy to drop your rug or your viscose rug is way too bulky, we are happy to help! To maximize our customers’ convenience, we offer pick-up and delivery service throughout Sydney.

Stains and Odour Removal from Viscose Rug

When you have a rug, it’s close to impossible to protect it from stains and spots. From spilling wine to pet urine, your viscose is much more vulnerable to damage than other fibres.

As viscose is a highly absorbent material that is prone to staining, you need to immediately contact Devine Rug Care if you have spilled wine, coffee or anything else on your beautiful rug. Letting the stain sit for a long time can lead to irreversible damage. Because viscose is a stretchable material, it’s best to leave stain removal to the experts.

Firstly, we inspect the rug to make sure the dye doesn’t run. Next, we take the rug to the wash pit and remove all stains along with cleaning out dirt, grit and strange odours. Once the rug is thoroughly cleaned, we rinse it in the centrifuge machine to eliminate moisture. We will then brush and groom the rug to restore its look. With our cleaning and restoration services, your rug will look, feel and smell fresh.



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