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Should I use a carpet cleaner?

The difference between a carpet cleaner and a rug cleaner
Carpet cleaners’ clean carpets on-site, whereas rug cleaners’ clean rugs at a rug washing centre. This is an important difference because to be cleaned properly, rugs need to be fully immersed in water. This is only possible using equipment such as our ‘rug spa’. While carpet cleaners can do a fine job getting your rug wet and ‘looking’ clean, it won’t actually ‘be’ clean or stay clean for long, because ingrained dirt will quickly resurface once it’s dried.

Also, carpet cleaners may not know how to handle the various fibre types of many rugs, while rug cleaners do. Meaning your rug could get damaged or destroyed by using a carpet cleaner.

The main problems with using a carpet cleaner
Carpet cleaners often leave a rug too wet or use the wrong equipment and chemicals when cleaning, which can cause mould, fibre damage, or leave your colours running. In addition to this, they can’t actually clean your rug properly, leaving it only superficially clean for a short time.
And, after carpet cleaner wet your rug, you’re left to figure out a way to dry it properly. Many rugs take 5 to 7 days to dry fully and most homes don’t have a safe place to dry their rug that’s out of the sun and away from dirt and dust. This can cause mould problems or even warp the shape of your rug.

Inexperienced carpet cleaners often offer in-house rug cleaning services because they aren’t actually aware of these differences, and their clients often don’t realise either, so they don’t know any better.

The main reasons to use a rug cleaner
Rug cleaners have specialised knowledge of rug fibres and how to best clean and protect your rugs. They also have equipment especially made for the fast and effective cleaning of rugs.

At Devine Rug Care we use our giant ‘rug spa’ to fully immerse your rugs for a true deep clean that sanitizes and stays cleaner for longer.

Then to dry, we place your rug in our centrifugal machine which takes ~90% of the water out for rapid drying and to reduce the risk of mould damaged. We then have purpose built drying rooms with large drying racks which help to maintain your rugs shape. This drying room is also fitted with fans and climate control devices to ensure a low humidity environment with constant air circulation.

Should I clean a rug myself?
When to clean a rug yourself
For small spills and light soiling, you’re able to blot out spills before they become stains. Although, red wine, coffee, tea, or cola is harder to get out and you may need to come in to see us. You’re also able to vacuum most superficial dirt out of your rug if it’s done regularly.

If you’ve got fibre protection applied, this will be much easier and more effective, especially when it comes to spills! Just ask us about applying fibre protection to your rug and we can give you a quick, flat-fee quote.

When not to clean a rug yourself
If your rug has heavy staining, soiling from ingrained dirt, water damage, pet urine, or bad smells, it’s best to take it to a professional rug cleaner like us.

We have the right equipment and chemicals to make sure your rug is professionally cleaned without causing damage or making the problem worse.

What about ‘off the shelf’ cleaning products from the shops?
Most cleaning products should be fine for small spills, but they’re expensive to buy and aren’t good long-term options.

We often fix rugs where people have used a DIY rug cleaning product too often, or they’ve used it on the wrong fibre type and damaged the rug. Because many products just clean superficially, your rugs get dirtier much faster once they see some foot traffic again.

This isn’t a fault of the product, it’s just a reality that you can’t get a real clean without using a full water immersion.

Think of these products as a last resort option or when you can’t realistically get it cleaned soon.

Here are some more common questions

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, bank deposit/wire transfer, and credit cards. We’re also able to process credit cards over the phone.

What if I think my rugs too dirty to clean?

We’ll be able to give you a good indication of how well your rug will end up after we inspect it. Sometimes rugs are too damaged or so soiled and dirty that we can’t do much to the rug. In these cases, we’ll make sure you’re told straight away. But for the most part, we’re able to help with most issues you’ll encounter.

Can you really get rid of urine stains and smells?

Yes! Pets and young children have an amazing ability to disregard how lovely your rugs are, so it’s quite common for us to clean, sanitise, and deodorise urine affected rugs. We’ll be able to remove urine stains and completely remove odours. Plus, your rugs are thoroughly sanitised, so you’ll have no fear about germs and bacteria spreading to your family and around your home.
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