Shag Rug Cleaning

How do you clean a shag pile rug?

It seems like every year we get crazy new rugs coming from the whacky minds of designers.
They are fun ideas in the beginning… until you discover that some are not even cleanable.

And that’s what is happening with the fun SHAG PILE RUGS. In no time they are all needing of a good clean.

We are professional rug cleaners, we know how to clean a shag pile rug, and have excellent success at doing so; but to help make your choice a better decision when you go to buy one, have a look at this great blog post we found, dedicated to Shag Pile Rugs.

It is by Rug Chick in the USA – we hope you enjoy reading her blog post on Shag Pile Rugs…..known in the US as Shag Rugs.

Know About Best Way to Clean Shaggy Rug

Shaggy rugs are a popular choice for living rooms and bedrooms. They add a cosy accent and create a welcoming ambience. And not to mention the soft texture is a dream to walk on barefoot and even to lay down! Whether you place a shaggy rug beside your bed or in front of the television, it will become an essential accessory for your home.

Shaggy rugs are a versatile addition for any home. They come in every colour, size and shape imaginable. While the luxurious and soft fibres are so much fun to walk on, cleaning shaggy rugs isn’t as pleasant. Unlike other traditional rugs and carpets, shaggy rugs have long and textures fibres, which makes cleaning shag rug a strenuous task. Moreover, shaggy rugs also come in a multitude of textures and pile lengths. You have fluffy rugs, fine acrylic rugs, leather rugs and more. Furthermore, in contrast to other rugs which hide stains or dust well, a stain on a light coloured shaggy rug would be easily visible. To prolong the life of your shaggy rug and maintain its softness, it should be regularly cleaned. And the best way to clean a shaggy rug is handing it over to Devine Rug Care.

Get Your Shaggy Rug Cleaned by Expert Cleaners in Sydney

Understandably, long pile rug cleaning is by no means an easy task. After all, the textured rug will have dust and grime accumulated in nooks and crannies. While cleaning shaggy rugs at home is an option, it takes way too much effort.

Allow Devine Rug Care to keep your shaggy rugs looking fresh and fluffy. With over four decades of experience, we have devised the best way to clean long pile rugs. Our experts use the latest techniques and high-quality cleaning products to effectively remove all sorts of stains, dirt, pet hair, bacteria and so on from shaggy rugs.

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