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The people of the innermost western region of Sydney, Liberty Grove, experience the priceless service of the most trusted rug cleaning service in the area, Devine Rug Care. When you bring your rug to our doorsteps, we provide quality service to your rug and carpets and return a much softer and better-looking rug to you. We offer excellent services for rugs of various quality and types: silk rugs, Moroccan rugs, Persian Rugs, Afghan Rugs, Chinese Rugs, Cotton and cotton blended hand-woven rugs, Tibetan rugs, Indian Rugs, Tribal Rugs, and so on. We are famous for our detailed work and workmanship. Hence, to enjoy our warm and gentle rug treatment, contact us immediately!

Quality Rug Cleaning Liberty Grove

We, at Devine Rug Care, use state-of-the-art technology and cleaning agents to do justice to our work. Of all the rug cleaning service providers in Liberty Grove, we stand out because of the amount of care we put into every rug or carpet. Our customers trust us with it, irrespective of the cost involved. With our non-toxic and non-allergic protection formula, you receive a rug from which you can easily blot away spills and restrain most stains from even creating an impression on your valuable investment. This formula is practically ‘invisible” viz., no color, or odor, and hence, you do not feel the addition of this extra agent in the cleaning process of your rug, but it does wonders for your rug. The sun no longer damages your rug’s color, thus maintaining its luster.

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Decades of Practical Expertise Cleaning and Repairing All Types of Rugs

Trusted Rug Cleaners in Liberty Grove

Devine Rug Care, owned by Raja and Frank Devine, is a trusted rug cleaning company in Liberty Grove. We use expert techniques and high-quality products to remove sturdy red wine stains. So, if you are someone who has tried plenty of ways to remove red wine stains from your carpets but all your efforts were in vain, then avoid delaying any further and trust your rug with us. We pay extra attention to the maintenance of your rug’s fiber quality and color restoration, making it look brand new and feel softer just like it was the first time you bought it.

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