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Marrickville, a suburb in the western part of Sydney, has one of the most expert rug cleaners, Devine Rug Care. We are popularly known as “Sydney’s leading specialist for rug cleaning.” We stick to the motto of serving rugs in the best way possible. Every rug that reaches us receives all the care and love it needs to revitalize its glory. Be it an $800 rug or an $ 80,000 rug, we leave no stone unturned in restoring its original supple and soft state, irrespective of its cost. We value our customers’ faith in us and know that every rug is valuable and essential. A rug is not just a piece of cloth or fiber; it provides a whole new vibe to a household, and that’s the reason we work so hard to restore its glory.

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We, the dwellers of Marrickville, have gained a reputation for providing quality services to our customers. Be it a stain from red wine or pet urine damage, we have our expert team to examine each rug that reaches us. Based on that, we decide the treatment that needs to be offered. Pet urine not only leaves a stain behind but also blesses the carpet with an odor you probably would not love smelling every time you walk into your room. So, do one thing: leave your carpet at our door and cater to your adorable pets instead. We will put our heart and soul into its rehabilitation. So hurry up! Contact us at the earliest.

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Decades of Practical Expertise Cleaning and Repairing All Types of Rugs

Expert Rug Cleaners in Marrickville

Rugs and carpets are a combination of various vibrant colors. That is the reason they bring a different color and a joyful touch to the interiors of your house. But this glazy piece of fiber gets ruined easily after a few washes when different colors from the carpet smudge against each other. That even manages to damage the lightly colored part of the rug or carpet. We, at Devine Rug Care, have mastered the art of removing dye run with a specially designed technique of stripping out the color run from the carpet. If you are a resident of Marrickville and are worried about your rug’s beauty, you have us to help you out. Is your Persian rug not looking exceptional right now, the way it used to? There is nothing to worry about. You’re in good hands with us. Our team has expertise in revitalizing the soft, vibrant fabric of a Persian rug. We will work hard and bring back your rug’s glory. Give us a chance to service your rug and you will never have to worry about its beauty in the future.

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