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Symbols of wealth and tradition, oriental rugs are adored by most people. Their owners do not spare a single thought while investing in them, be it during buying them or repairing them. So, they need to know that their priceless rug is going to the right hands. We, the Devine Rug Care team in Russell Lea, have won the pageant of the most trustworthy service providers in the past four decades. We can assure you of the warm treatment you are looking for in every rug service provider. Do not hesitate to give us a call for help. We will be at your door with our team at your service.

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Our team has mastered state-of-the-art technology to use it to provide exceptional rug cleaning services. For rug protection, our team provides a thin layer of stain-resistant layer that acts as a barrier between your rug’s surface and the spill so that you can easily blot it out. Carpets soak up stains easily. That’s why, to prevent that from happening frequently in the future, we provide this layer apart from deep cleaning it. We even make sure to sanitize your rug, keeping in mind the health of our customers. 

If water spills out on a rug, it takes very little time for fungus and mold to feel the presence of their freshly built abode. So, to save your carpet from being a home to unwanted guests, send it to us. And we will make sure its glory has been restored. 

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We focus not only on the cleaning and sanitization of a rug but also pay special attention to placing it at the exact same place from where it was picked up. We bring your rug with us, treat it and send it back with our team to place it carefully at your desired location. The people of Russell Lea need not worry as we are effective at providing quality rug cleaning services. We assure you that your colorful oriental rug is safe and sound with us. And we strive harder to serve your rug to the best of our ability.

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