Rug cleaning services Stanmore

Rugs are very long-lasting. With just a bit of care, they hold the power to serve you for quite a long time. At Devine Rug Care Stanmore, we provide the “Rug Spa”. This method includes

  • Observation of the rug material
  • Removal of the extra dust before immersing the rug in water
  • Deep cleaning of your rug and ensuring the complete removal of every stain present.
  • Dry the rug by placing it in a centrifugal machine to remove approximately 90% of the water. 
  • Groom the rug to make it soft and new like it was earlier, and then leave it to dry fully.

Quality Rug cleaners Stanmore

We, the Devine Rug Care team, possess professional and practical experience of over 40 years. We employ highly skilled workers who are genuinely willing to offer quality services. At Stanmore, we are proud to declare that dwellers here need not worry as their rugs, if trusted with us, will be in the safest hands. And they will never again have to look out for other rug cleaners to get quality rug cleaning service.  Give us a chance to show you the quality of our services and you will end up reaching out to us every time your rug needs a makeover. 

Rug Cleaning in Stanmore
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Water Damage Removal in Stanmore
Urine Damage Removal in Stanmore

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Blood Removal in Stanmore
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Red Wine Removal in Stanmore

Decades of Practical Expertise Cleaning and Repairing All Types of Rugs

Speciality Rug Cleaners in Stanmore

The Devine Rug Care team specializes in treating varieties of rugs, be they Persian, Moroccan, Indian, Tribal, or Tibetan. We assure stain removal, be it a stain from red wine or pet urine. Do not delay as carpets soak up stains fast and, hence, delay would cause further damage to the material. Reach out to us as soon as you can and we will send our team to your house at the earliest and you will not have to worry about your rug after that. Our team of rug cleaning specialists will ensure in-depth cleaning and grooming of your rug and deliver it back to where it was picked up from.

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