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Devine Rug Care is proud to be rated as one of the top rug cleaning services in Sydney. With over 40 years of experience, we have developed a successful approach to cleaning and restoring all kinds of rugs and carpets. We provide comprehensive rug care for Persian rugs, Indian rugs, Moroccan rugs, Afghan rugs, wool rugs, viscose rugs, silk rugs and more. Our rug cleaning services are available for both residential and commercial clients.

Why Are the Benefits of Hiring Professional Rug Cleaning Services?

Many people assume cleaning a rug or removing stains from a carpet is as straightforward as doing laundry. But that’s not true! Considering you have spent thousands of dollars on beautiful rugs, you cannot risk ruining them permanently with DIY cleaning hacks. Rugs can very well become family heirlooms that can be passed on from generation to generations. If you want your rugs and carpets to last for decades, it’s imperative to involve professional cleaners. Here are some benefits of using a professional rug cleaning service.

  • Professionals have access to high-quality cleaning products and specialists tools that are suitable for effectively cleaning all types of rugs.
  • Expert cleaners are skilled at removing deep stains from delicate rugs such as silk, without damaging them.
  • By hiring a professional rug cleaner, you don’t have to worry about your rugs fraying, shrinking or any other permanent damage.
  • Experienced cleaners know how to remove stains and odours without spoiling the dyes and colours of the rugs.
  • Even if there aren’t any stains on your rugs, there is no way to prevent it from accumulating dust over time. These dust particles can damage the rug as well as cause respiratory issues. A professional rug cleaning service deep cleans rugs to extend its life.

Does My Rug Need Professional Rug Cleaning Services?

On a day-to-day basis, you can easily vacuum your rug to prevent it from accumulating dust. However, if you have neglected to clean your rugs regularly or it’s heavily soiled, then it would be smart to let a professional take a look at it. Especially if your rug is made from natural or delicate fabrics, then don’t make the mistake of using harsh chemicals to remove stains. Also, if your rug is giving off a foul odour or there are signs of mildew, it’s highly recommended to hire professional cleaning experts.

From deep cleaning to tough stain removal we do it all. Devine Rug Care’s four decades of experience is combined with high-grade cleaning equipment and eco-friendly products. All these tools allow us to deliver exceptional services every single time. We leave nothing to chance. You can depend on us to come up with the best cleaning treatment for your rug and infuse it with new life.

Just because we are offering excellent rug cleaning services, doesn’t mean it has to cost our customers a fortune. After all, getting a rug professionally cleaned shouldn’t end up costing more than the rug itself!

Being experienced specialists, we are proud to offer our outstanding services at highly competitive rates. As no two rugs are the same, every rug requires specialised care. That’s why we charge bespoke professional rug cleaning prices. Our rug cleaning cost is based on three factors: rug fibre or fabric type, rug size and rug’s condition. An old Oriental rug is quite delicate and needs extra care, which is likely to cost more than cleaning a newer synthetic rug. So the cost of cleaning varies for different rugs. But you can trust us to only charge a reasonable cost without any hidden charges.

We believe in offering a personalised service. Our experts will talk to you, understand your requirements and accordingly provide rug cleaning Sydney prices that are reasonable. Whether you need a silk rug cleaned or stain removal for Moroccan rug, we can do it all. We will never recommend any treatment just to drive up your bill. You can trust us to offer our services at a price that is justified and affordable. We don’t want our customers to haul around a heavy and dirty rug, we will take it off your hands. To increase our customers’ convenience, we offer rug pick-up and delivery service throughout Sydney. Please feel free to contact us today to request a FREE quote or talk to an expert.

How Much Does A Steam Clean Rug Cost?

Rug cleaning depends on a wide range of factors. Firstly, if you decide to DIY rug cleaning, then you have to spend on buying cleaning products and tools. Not to mention, you would also have to set aside time to learn about rug cleaning and for actually cleaning your rug. Since, there is no universal method to clean all kinds of rugs, it’s important to understand different rug types to find the right cleaning approach.

Rather than going through all that hassle, it’s better to let a professional figure out what your rug may need. This is particularly a superior option if you’re moving out of rented property, unable to remove a tough stain or simply need deep cleaning for your carpets. At Devine Rug Care, we are proud to offer professional rug cleaning services at the best prices. For years, we’ve been providing quality rug and carpet care without any hidden charges. Our transparent pricing policy sets us apart from other cleaners.

Interested in knowing what our rug cleaning services will cost? Just like most other professional services, the cost of rug cleaning will depend on a number of factors. We offer rug cleaning on the basis of:

  • Size of the rug
  • Age of the rug
  • Rug type
  • Condition of the rug

Using heavy equipment on delicate handmade rugs such as silk rugs, Oriental rugs, wool rugs and Persian rugs can be catastrophic. It’s best to consult an experienced rug cleaner for professional advice and services. As such hand-crafted rugs require individual attention, the cleaning cost may vary.

What is the best way to clean a rug?

On a day-to-day basis, you should vacuum your rugs to keep it free of dust, crumbs and other contaminants. In case, you have spilled water on it, use a clean cloth to soak up water. Next, you should leave it in a warm area to ensure there isn’t any moisture left. Any trace of moisture can lead to the growth of mould and mildew. Make sure the rug is thoroughly dry before putting it back.

If you spilled wine, coffee, food or anything else that stains, then immediately get a clean cloth and carefully dab the spot to minimise the stain. DO NOT rub vigorously or pour heavy-duty cleaner. This can fray your rug and cause irreversible damage.

Ideally, you should consult a professional rug expert for delicate and heavily soiled rugs. Speak to an expert about the current state of your rug and best cleaning options available. Also, enquire about their cleaning techniques to ensure that they’re suitable for your rug. You should insist on then using eco-friendly cleaning products that are a lot safer than harsh chemicals. Also, don’t settle for a rug cleaning service just because it’s the cheapest option. Look at their experience as well as customer reviews to determine the service quality.



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