General Myths About Rug Cleaning That You Should Know

Rug Cleaning
Cleaning rugs is important. People often avoid regular washing as they feel the colour might fade away. If you are already using a quality rug you don’t have to worry about its fabric quality. Any rug is made up of good quality fabric.
They also have a long life span. But if you don’t maintain it, then the life span of the rugs may decrease. You can collect tips related to rug fabric protection online or offline. Professional rug cleaning servicesalways recommend regular cleaning tasks to help improve the life span of the rugs. Even if this is a fact, there are still lots of myths that you need to know.

Frequent washing will degrade its quality
Many people believe that drugs should not be cleaned every day. But it is important to wash the rugs frequently. Rugs are made up of durable quality fabric material. If you are using a mild fabric cleaning solution, then its quality does not degrade.
The fact is that frequent washing will ensure that the rugs are well maintained and clean. This is important.

Rugs get dirty faster in time
This is yet another myth. Rugs may not attract dirt and dust for weeks or months. It depends on the way you use them. If you allow shoes in the room, then rugs will accumulate dirt. But if you vacuum rugs regularly, then they may not accumulate dirt.
If you are careful about using the rugs indoors, then they are always well maintained. if you don’t take proper care, then they are not well maintained.

Rugs are not safe for kids
If you have kids at home then rugs can offer the best protection. If you are performing rug stain removal tasks very often then the rugs are safe for kids. If you need clean rugs you may have tohire expert rug cleaning services regularly.
To make the rugs safe for kids, you have to use an eco-friendly rug protection solution. It is also important to vacuum the rugs every day. The washing task can be performed once a week.

Solvents will fade the rugs
Solvents are of two types – good quality mild and harsh quality. If you are using harsh fabric cleaning then the colour of the rugs will fade away after each wash. But if you are using good quality rug cleaner then you don’t have to worry about fading colours.
Eco-friendly rug cleaners are mild in action. They will remove the stains but not the colour. So the rug is well protected for years.
Many people also avoid using fabric cleaner because of the odour. This is not true. If you are using a good fabric cleaner then it may not leave behind any odour. You can also perform steam cleaning on the rugs once you have used a fabric cleaner. Well-protected rugs will last for a lifetime.

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