How To Maintain Your Oriental Rugs: 7 Simple Tips

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Oriental rugs are stunning additions to any home. They add something special and let you show off your decorating flair. There is no reason why a rug should not last a century long as you take good care of it. This blog will look at these tips and tell you how you can ensure you keep your rugs in tip-top condition.

Rotate It Frequently

To keep your rugs looking even and uniform, they must be rotated often. Rotation preserves the look and value of your rug over time. While most experts recommend rotating your rugs once every two to three years, we advise against it. We advise rotating rugs in high-traffic areas like the living room at least once every three months.

Keep It Away From Sunlight

Your Oriental rug’s natural colour may fade over time due to exposure to sunshine. You should take steps to block sunlight as frequently as possible to avoid premature fading and keep the vibrancy of your rugs. This can be achieved by hanging blinds or curtains or putting the rug in a room with indirect sunlight. If it’s impossible to block the sun, you should routinely rotate your rug to prevent uneven fading.

Spot Clean It

Accidents and spills on rugs can’t always be prevented. However, it is crucial to spot clean immediately when such an incident occurs. With a dry cloth, dab the spot to absorb liquid. After this, refrain from using any cleaning agents and only water to prevent the rug from being harmed. You can later schedule a service with professionals for rug stain removal to get rid of all stains safely and professionally.

Let It Air Out

Hang your rug outside in the sunlight once every four months to let it air out. It doesn’t take much time for the moisture to accumulate, and moisture on your rugs is never good. Therefore, avoiding the buildup is always preferable and letting your rug dry outside.

Vacuum your Rugs

You should frequently vacuum your rugs. Rugs have a lot of traffic, so it’s best to vacuum them frequently to keep the natural fibres from becoming lacquered with dirt and filth.

To reduce the possibility of unintentional runs and tears while vacuuming your delicate rugs, we advise turning off the beater bar.

Make Use Of Padding

It’s usually a good idea to use cushioning underneath your rugs for aesthetic and practical reasons. Find out now:

  • It keeps the rugs stable and lessens wrinkling.
  • They become more secure and comfortable to walk on.

Opting for Professional Service

Your rugs may accumulate dirt and grime over time, damaging the natural texture of your rug by cutting into it. We advise getting your rugs cleaned at least once every two to three years. Professional steam rug cleaners carefully clean your rugs, which helps you recover your rug’s appearance and improves comfort.


With these simple yet effective tips, you can maintain the beauty and comfort of your oriental rugs for years.

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