How to Remove Wax From Your Rugs Or Carpets?

Rug Cleaning
While you might enjoy the warm & cosy environment that candlelight provides, but you may not like the melted wax that drips from your candle, all over your rug or carpet. It’s a must to know the ideal process to eliminate wax from carpets or rugs, especially if you use candles often at your home.

According to rug cleaning professionals, using a wool rug protector can help in lessening the effect of melted wax on your rug or carpet. But, if you don’t have such a rug protector, then we suggest following the below-mentioned removal process – allowing you to enjoy a wax-free and spotless rug.

Process To Follow When Eliminating Wax From Carpets Or Rugs

    1. Obtain Your Ingredients
      Before you start your cleaning procedure, it’s essential to obtain the supplies. They are as follows:
      An ice pack or a bag of ice
      • Hairdryer or an iron
      • Paper towels
      • Rubbing alcohol or carpet cleaner
      • Butter knife
      • White Cloth
      • Vacuum cleaning machine
    2. Wax Freezing
      Once you’ve obtained your supplies, it’s time to freeze the wax. Place the bag of ice cubes onto the wax. You can wrap the ice pack in a towel so that your rug or carpet doesn’t get wet from the water of the melting ice.
      The primary objective is to cool down the wax, as much as possible, so that it can solidify and will directly lift from the rug or carpet fibres effortlessly.
    3. Wax Scrapping
      After the wax has been cooled down, use your butter knife to scrape off the wax from the rug or carpet fibres. Try to use the knife as gently as possible.
      If you find any remaining wax sticking to the fibres, then you can proceed to place a paper towel over the wax and use your hairdryer (or iron) over the paper towel. Ensure that the heat from your hairdryer or iron should be at its lowest setting.
      The remaining wax will get melted due to the heat from the iron or hairdryer, and get absorbed in the paper towel.
    4. Rug Or Carpet Cleaning
      Once you’ve completed the wax elimination process, it’s time to move onto cleaning. You can choose to use rubbing alcohol onto the affected area and blot it with a clean, white cloth. Or you can proceed to steam clean the silk rug or carpet with the help of professional carpet cleaning experts.
      Rug Or Carpet Cleaning
    5. Vacuuming
      After the rug or carpet has been cleaned & dried up, it’s time to vacuum the same. We suggest vacuuming the carpet or rug with an upholstery brush attachment and it will look as good as new.
      For any additional tips & tricks on rug or carpet cleaning, be sure to connect with our experts at any moment.

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