How to Clean Jute Rug – 10 Experts Tips

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If you ask us to name an all-natural fibre that can be used to make rugs, baskets, and ropes, we’d say, what better than jute? It’s a long-lasting fibre that renders a natural and timeless appeal to any space.

Jute comes from a plant that thrives in humid and warm countries like India. Strikingly similar to the hemp plant, it features a soft and shiny fibre.

Off late, jute has become so popular that its demand in the world is second only to cotton. It is widely used worldwide to make burlaps, twines, and rugs due to its durability and reasonable price.

How to Clean Jute Rug?

Jute rug cleaning is different from maintaining wool or synthetic rug but can be done properly. Jute rugs are not advised for high moisture spaces because such high moisture can damage the fibres.

Jute area rugs require care and regular maintenance for long life. If you own a jute rug, its maintenance and care will always be a big concern for you. We have shared ten tips from experts you need to know about your cherished jute rug’s cleaning and maintenance. Don’t miss reading any!

What are Jute Rugs?

Also called hessian or burlap, Jute rugs are often found in home furnishings, inside mattresses, and even luggage bags. They come with the most delicate natural fibres that showcase a gold-like radiance in their natural state.

Jute rugs can be dyed and styled with a wide array of shades and moulded into different patterns and shapes in one colourful rug. Some businesses mix synthetic fibres and jute fibres to make a more unyielding and long-lasting rug. But, in the long run, such rugs suffer from damage and can become discoloured or stained. That is why you need to understand how to clean them correctly with care.

Jute rugs offer so many advantages to your home. They feature a classic design that never goes out of fashion, and they pack a naturally great design for any home. Jute rugs do come with some drawbacks, but you can let those slide, considering the immense benefits they come with.

They need special attention and maintenance as they can’t be cleaned easily when they become all used up. If you are ready to take on the cleansing and care-dare for these delicate rugs, the results will be rewarding. You will be left with a beautiful rug that will last for years and years to come.

Here’s why many people prefer jute rugs for their homes:

  1. They can be pretty cheap.
  2. Jute is easy to produce, so there’s no shortage of core material.
  3. Being a natural fibre, Jute needs little or no additives to grow.
  4. It is biodegradable and recyclable.
  5. Jute rugs can last forever if well maintained.

Okay, enough talking. Let’s see the top ten expert-tips to clean your jute rug.

Spot Cleaning Your Jute Rug

An efficient way of cleaning your jute rug is the spot cleaning. Here is how to do it properly:

  • Squeeze tightly into the rug with a cloth towel or a clean & white paper instantly after the spill happens. Start from the outside of the spill and move inwards to prevent its spreading. Continue blotting (don’t rub) — until no moisture transfers to the towel.
  • For solid spills, use a nail file or dull knife to scrape up the solid-crumbs, then follow the first step.
  • For tomato sauce or red wine spills, put some club soda on a white cloth and dab it on the rug to neutralize the spill. Then, eliminate any possible stain.
  • Let it dry. Usually, the stain vanishes. If it doesn’t, try rinsing with a fabric dampened with mild soap. Dry instantly with a fan or a hairdryer.

Use a Fabric Protector

We suggest treating all-natural fibre area rugs — including jute — with a fabric protector, which helps minimize absorbance and increase the time between the cleaning sessions. Use a protector that is meant specifically for natural fabric protection.

Natural fibres treated with a suitable protector will essentially withstand water and resist all cold liquid spills and grime. Make sure that the protector you purchase does not include any Ozone-depleting chemicals.

In addition to guarding against spills, using a good quality protector will also extend the life of your jute rug.

Treat Curled Rug Corners

Constant foot traffic, luggage, and shuffling on the jute rug placed inside your home or office can lead to the curling of the rug’s edges. However, this problem can be fixed easily. Dampen the folded area and weigh it down evenly overnight.

However, if your jute rug is critically curled; you might be required to repeat this process several times.

Regular Cleaning & Maintenance

To maintain your jute rug, frequent cleaning is advised by experts. Start by vacuuming the rug regularly to remove any debris, dust, or dirt that may have settled on the rug. To prevent damaging your jute rug’s natural fibres, ensure that you use the suction attachment with the nozzle instead of a beater brush.

Pet Dirt, Stains, and Accidents

If you own a pet and notice any pet stain on your jute rug, act swiftly. For instance, if your pet poops or vomits on your rug, make it a practice to scoop the poop or blot clean the spill off the rug and wash the stains. Leaving the stains for later would only mean increased cleaning efforts and higher chances of rug damage.

This is so because time will let the substance to harden and settle into the fibres. You can follow the spot cleaning technique mentioned in this article. Leaving the stained rug with fresh stains for a significant time-period can leave ugly and difficult to remove stains later on.

Use Soda

If you notice a liquid spill on your jute rug, and it appears to be acidic, apply club soda rather than water to get rid of the stain quickly. Club soda neutralizes the acid in juices and stops further discolouration. Then, dry your jute rug quickly with a drying kit or a hairdryer.

Vacuum Jute Rug

Regular vacuuming is an excellent method to take care of your jute rug. Loose and visible dirt should be vacuumed with a powerful suction vacuum. Experts don’t recommend using a beater bar.

Vacuum your rug from various directions, passing over the affected area many times. Although you may not feel the need, regular vacuuming will extend your jute rug’s life by blocking soil build-up. It will also help eradicate stains caused when spilled liquids dissolve, and soil accumulates.

Avoid Water with Jute Rug

Jute is a good water-absorbent and can hold onto water for long periods of time. If not allowed to dry thoroughly, jute rugs will mould. That’s why it’s advisable to use minimal water when cleaning jute rugs.

Experts advise against soaking jute rugs, and power washing is a big no-no. If your jute rug gets wet by any chance, let it dry thoroughly before putting it back on the rug pad. If possible, hang your rug outside in the sun as this will kill any mildew or mould.

Removing Red Wine Stains from Jute Rug

Here are the steps to take:

Dab Off Excess Liquid

If you spot a red wine stain on your jute rug, blot it immediately with a cloth or dry paper towel. Be gentle; harsh rubbing can drive the stain deeper into the fibres and can cause permanent damage. If there are solid-crumbs along with the red wine stain, scrape it away with a plastic utensil.

Gently clean with water and a Soft Brush.

As intriguing as it might be to deal with stains the traditional way with water, know that too much moisture can instantly damage a jute rug. It’s okay to do a little amount of water as long as you mix it with white vinegar.

When you have a well-mixed solution, you can then gently distribute the cleansing concoction into the fibres to remove the rug’s stain.

Dry Instantly with a Hairdryer

Steam Clean jute rug can be another effective option to look for. You can use the hot moisture on the damp areas to get the excess water out. While steam cleaning a rug, make sure you don’t over do it. You want to take the moisture out, not overheat and damage the material.

Extensive use of a hairdryer (several minutes) or wringing it out is also not recommended because these techniques will cause sensitive fibres to fray.

10. Treat Jute Rug with Jute Sealer

This method can reduce the jute fibres’ absorbency and shield the rug from stains. This will also give you slightly more time to clean up any spills before they settle into the rug.

Final Word 

Jute rugs are delicate and can absorb & retain water easily. Their care isn’t like other rugs. This blog includes jute rug maintenance tips from experts like using Soda, fabric protector and steaming cleaning rug that you can’t miss if you own a jute rug. Follow these tips to ensure the longevity of your beautiful jute rug!

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