How to Clean Cotton Rug

Rug Cleaning
Cotton rugs are usually braided or flat weave. They have a casual look and woven to last decades, but they could lose the shine within a year if not cleaned and maintained properly. As rugs are a significant financial investment for most of us, they must be professionally cleaned once every 6-12 months depending upon the traffic they receive.

At Devine Rug Care, we use specialist rug cleaning techniques. Aimed at cleaning your rug adequately and restoring its original lustre, the cleaning process is carried out by our team of experts. We have one of the largest rug cleaning facilities in Sydney, that’s been operational for over decades. Over time, we have cleaned 25k+ rugs. Whether your rug is 10 years old or relatively new, we can clean it thoroughly using commercial-grade cleaning equipment and with the utmost care.

Don’t just take our word for it. Our growing customer base says it all. Browse the testimonials to see what our clients say about our cotton rug cleaning services.

How to Deep Clean Wool & Cotton Rug

Once the rug reaches our care facility, we go by a systematic approach which starts with evaluating the rug and proceeding after making sure it’s not a problem rug that’s going to lose the dye and mix up colours. Then, we wash the rug in our large washing pit to get the dirt, stains, odour and mould out of it without affecting the quality of fibres.

After rinsing it in the centrifuge machine, the rug is then brushed with hands to achieve a brand-new finish. It is then left for overnight drying in a dust-controlled facility. Your rug is delivered to your doorstep the next day.

Whether it’s an $800 rug or an $80,00 rug, we provide quality standards of cleaning a cotton rug. We also know how to restore its original shine. So, if you want a service with the right knowledge, superior technique and a customised cleaning solution, Devine Rug Care is your best bet.

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How Our Process Makes it Easier

Our rug cleaning process makes it easier for our clients to maintain and clean the rug in the future. The eco-friendly, non-toxic stain protector keeps the rug looking fresh and free from spills.

The invisible protector layer on the rug acts as a conditioner. It repels liquids and prevents stains from settling deep inside the rug’s fibres.

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