Felt Wool Ball Rug

Rug Cleaning

Rug Felt Wool Rug made of coloured Balls

How do you clean a felt rug?

We love the diverse colours, fibres and design concepts in rugs that we have the opportunity to clean and restore.

This is an unusual rug that we cleaned recently. It is made of little balls of matted wool in different colours and then sewn together. The ‘wool balls’ are actually ‘felt balls’. The only way to clean this type of rug is by putting it in a bath and treating it with TLC.

Wool felt ball rug

Wool Felt Ball Rug cleaned by Devine Rug Care

Drying this type of rug is very important due to it’s density. So we were very careful to make sure it received a longer drying treatment than usual.

The result? Excellent. Vibrant colours, gorgeous texture.

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