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Rug Cleaning

Should you Wash a Rug?

Devine Rug Clean do wash your rugs! However they do it with understanding that every rug is so different and needs special consideration. From the fibre content, colour techniques, hand made, machine made, colour fastness, origin….

They custom match your rug to the safest and most effective rug cleaning process and clean it individually.

Devine Rug Clean are certified Wool Safe which means they are fully trained to expertly care for your fine wool and natural fiber area rugs.

They NEVER wash your rug in a tub with other client’s contaminated rugs where colours can bleed and other peoples contaminates will get into your rug.

They never use bleaching agents in the cleaning process as this will damage natural fibers.

They use fresh and clean water for each and every rug.

Devine Rug Clean’s area rug cleaning processes are clean, more effective and safer for your rug and family.

Your rug will be Refreshed, Restored and Revitalized to their Blue Ribbon Standards.

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