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For all your carpet, tile, fabric and leather cleaning and maintenance needs – Devine cleaning are professionals with over 30 years experience. Their team covers the whole Sydney area.
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Devine Rug Clean Matt dickie iMatt Dickie: Persian & Oriental Rug Dealer and Consultant.


He assesses and evaluates rugs and carpets for insurance companies and individuals, and acts as an agent and consultant for decorators and collectors.
Matt is a specialist in repair, restoration & evaluation of new, old and antique rugs, kelims and textiles.

Matt learnt his rug repair and restoration skills in the bazaars of Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Istanbul and Konya.
He is a committee member of the Oriental Rug Societal of NSW and regularly gives talks at Sydney Powerhouse Museum o tribal rugs and textiles.



Frank and Raja Devine are not only the successful owners of Devine complete Rug Care and started Devine Carpet Care over 30 years ago, they are also the CEO and Secretary of the national association ican- the Individual Cleaners Association Australia & New Zealand.

ican aim to encourage people to enter the cleaning industry. They help develop the knowledge and confidence of individual cleaners who join the industry through:

  •  Business Development
  • Mentoring
  • Networking
  • Training

For more information please click through to their web site.

woolsafe Devine Rugs

 Woolsafe Australia

The Devine group are Woolsafe Approved Accredited Operators.

Woolsafe Australia provides you with information about how to properly care, clean and maintain wool carpet. To learn more, please click through to their website.


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