5 Top Tips to Maintain Hard Stains on Rugs

Rug Cleaning

Carpets and rugs are just the things that can enhance the look of your cozy hearth. A few colourful rugs and mats here and there around the room, instantly creates an ambience of warmth and brightness. However, beautiful as they are, rugs are also prone to stains, especially when you have kids and pets in the house.

Rugs pep up the look of your rooms instantly. But do you feel daunted about keeping them clean? Here are 5 top tips for rug cleaning palm bleaching stain removal for maintaining your rugs.

Imagine your pet just brushing off its dirty fur against the rug after an enjoyable play time in the green grass or your cup slipping off your hand to spill the coffee in it. Knowing the right ways of rug cleaning in Palm Beach can help you keep your rugs clean and crisp all the time.

Clean Immediately– One of the first ways of ensuring that the stain does not seep into the deeper fibres of your rug is to clean your rug immediately. And you needn’t grab a rug cleaner or bleach immediately. Look out for a damp cloth soaked in water and try blotting the liquid or stain. Never rub the stain as it will lead to spreading over larger area. One of the biggest mistakes that home owners do is rubbing stains which not only leads to spreading but also damages the soft fibers.

Use Rug Stain Removal Hacks– Once the excess stain is blotted or scraped off, apply a rug cleaner if you have one available at home. If not, then you can also opt for a homemade carpet cleaning solution made of mild dishwashing liquid, white vinegar and a quart of warm water mixed well and applied directly on the stains. Let the solution sit for a minute before blotting the remaining stain. Also you should keep in mind not to soak it much as it will damage the rug. The vinegar water ratio should be I:3.

Blot Off– The next step if to blot the stains off with thick cloths or towels. The best way to do is to keep them pressed with some heavy object and let the rug dry completely. Better still, use an iron to heat up the cloth that covers the stains which in turn gets transferred to the towel easily.

Baking Soda For Oil And Pet Pee– Even if your pets are trained, you may have your neighbour’s pup coming in and urinate in your much-loved carpet. Or you might have noticed ugly oil stains from the kitchen oil bottle that has accidently dropped on your carpet. For both these types of stains and smell, baking soda works wonders. Apply the baking soda solution quite liberally over the whole area and keep it till you see the oily part drying up. Baking soda will also absorb animal poo stains and get rid of any unnecessary smell, leaving your carpets and rugs fresh.

Chocolate Coffee Stains– For hard stains like coffee or chocolate, which tend to be difficult to remove, try these quick hacks. First scrape off the excess chocolate or coffee stains. Use a cleaner made of liquid dishwasher and water and apply it on the stains. Blot it off after it soaks in completely. For hard coffee stains mixing soap water with hydrogen peroxide also serves the purpose of rug cleaning quite well.

Summing Up

A maintenance regime may seem rather intimidating with rugs considering the fibres which are quick to capture any spillage and stains. However, with such tips following a regime just gets easier.

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