Cleaning An Area Rug To Restore Its New Look

Rug Cleaning
For many of us, area rugs represent a significant aesthetic investment. They make our surroundings cozier and more vivid. They provide comfy areas for playing video games, watching movies, and sleepovers. However, rugs must be maintained if they are to last for many years. And routine cleaning is an integral part of that upkeep.

Fortunately, you only need to do carpet cleaning when it becomes dirty, though you should hoover it twice a week. If the carpet does not appear unclean or smell musty, perform the following test: Simply take a rug corner and drop it to the floor. If a little dust cloud emerges, it is time to clean.

You can keep your area rugs looking their best by following primary care, deep cleaning, and stain treatment strategies. Area rugs create zones in your living areas, warm up the flooring, and add colour and pattern. However, cleaning an area rug is critical because dirt and stains frequently accompany area rugs.

The first step in area rug carpet cleaning is determining its material. Because different materials necessitate different area rug cleaning processes and tools, this is critical for extending the rug’s life. In our handy area rug cleaning guide, you can learn about the many types of rugs, cleaning suggestions, and stain treatment treatments.

1. Rug Cleaning Procedures:

The best way to clean an area rug is determined by size, construction, and material. Large area rugs should be cared for in the same way as wall-to-wall carpet is. As a result, the following rug cleaning program will be effective for the majority of rugs.

  • Hoover large area carpets to remove dirt

    Regular vacuuming is the most critical area rug cleaning step, just like with carpet. Vacuum the rug’s backside as well. Grit and filth can cause your carpets to wear out prematurely; this cleans them. Please do not hoover the fringe. Because a hoover sometimes leaves pet hair behind, it can be cleaned with a brush. Brush a firm brush across the rug’s nap to remove the hair.

  • Turn the rugs on once a year

    Sunlight and foot traffic can also damage area carpets. Turn them once or twice a year, even out to wear.

  • Shake small area rugs

    If the rug is small enough, you can forcefully beat or shake it outside to remove grit and particles. Before shaking rugs outside, check local ordinances because some areas have laws against them.

2. Rug Cleaning Advantages

  • Hygiene:

    A tidy house necessitates regular rug cleaning. To keep your home clean, consider cleaning your area rugs like you would Hoover carpet. A more frequent rug cleaning at Greenwich will help you maintain hygiene and ensure a clean living environment in high-traffic areas, such as a foyer or doorway.

  • Indoor Air Quality

    Area rugs can hold bacteria, dust, trash, and other pollutants that can taint your home’s air.

  • Extends the life of the rug

    Some rugs are expensive investments or accent pieces for specific spaces in your home; keeping them in good condition necessitates expert rug cleanings regularly.

Wrapping Up

With routine upkeep and cleaning, your rugs will serve your family and home for many years, hosting endless game tournaments, TV marathons, and fireside snuggles. Area rugs in homes should be cleaned every 12 months.

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