Traditional Ways To Offer Clean New Looks To Your Old Rugs

Rug Cleaning
Rugs are pretty resilient and they tend to survive for years. They are tough and will not wear easily, however, almost all rugs will accumulate a lot of dust during their day to day use. This is why the rugs have to be cleaned regularly. People often hire expert rug cleaning services to get the job done effectively. But these services cannot be hired on a daily basis.

You can look around for the best rug repair and restoration techniques and methods online. Expert rug cleaning services will always follow modern and traditional methods to clean the rugs perfectly.

There are traditional techniques that you can follow to restore the original condition of the rugs for years.

Mild vacuum

Vacuuming is important if you want the rugs to be dust-free. But in most cases, regular vacuuming tasks will damage the rugs. People often use a high power vacuum cleaner to suck the dust from the rugs.

Any rug will have delicate fibre. If you use a strong vacuum cleaner device, then the fabric gets damaged. Mild vacuuming tasks can be carried out on a daily basis. This ensures that the dust does not get accumulated.

Shake the rugs every day

You may not be able to vacuum the rugs every day. But the dust still gets accumulated on the rugs. You can shake the rugs outdoors. This action will remove all unwanted dust from the rugs. It is important to shake the rugs for at least ten to fifteen minutes.

If you shake the rugs every day for a few seconds then you may not have to vacuum the rugs every day. Shaking is a better option as compared to vacuuming. Also understand that if your rug has starin then rug stain removal might take some additional help from the professionals.

Use beating action

Beating is an ideal choice for heavy rugs. If the rug is old then it is heavy. You can use a strong stick to beat the rug. This will remove the dust particles from the rugs. It will also help maintain the new looks naturally.

Beating action will not damage the colour of the rugs. Always ensure you use mild action. Once this is done, you can also vacuum the rug to remove excess dust particles.

Dry powder technique

If you have proper tools then you can also use the dry powder technique. You can sprinkle a little powder on the rug and leave it for some time. After some time you can vacuum the rug. This technique is commonly used to treat bad odour

If the rug smells stale then dry powder is the best option to treat bad smells. But you should avoid using the steam cleaning technique when sprinkling dry powder on the rugs.

Snow cleaning

If you stay in a place that receives dry snow, then you can use it to clean the rugs. You have to leave the rugs out in the snow for some time. The dry snow will freeze the dust particles. Later on, you can easily dust the rugs outdoors.

The above-mentioned techniques are used to clean all types of rugs. These are traditional methods. The methods help in maintaining rugs in a natural state.

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