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Restoring mouldy carpets or rugs.

Have you left your lovely rug wet for a bit too long? Or maybe water damage has spoiled your rug or carpet and caused mould to grow. Many houses suffer from mould growth in the colder wet months and this can cause mould to grow in your rug or carpet. If mould is left for too long this will cause musky smells and in some cases dark mould spots on your rug or carpet.

A few handy hints to ensure a healthy carpet or rug and therefore a healthy family:

If you are mopping floors near a rug, remove your rug from the wet area and do not put it back down on the floor until it is completely dry.
When mopping near a carpet, be very careful mopping close to the edge, take some time to make sure you avoid wetting the fibres.
Air your rug regularly and then have it professionally cleaned at least once every 12-18 months to avoid mould growth.

The Devine Complete Rug Care professionals have regulated drying rooms to dry your rugs. This ensures there is no moisture left in your rug – therefore mould will not take a hold

If you do have mould, we have the necessary measures to ensure mould is completely removed and your rug comes back to life – beautiful, fresh and healthy, ready to lay back on your floor.

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