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How to clean a $12,000 Persian Rug

Cleaning a handmade Persian Wool and Silk Rug requires specialist understanding and professional skill,  and so takes Persian Rug Cleaning Sydney to whole new level.

The problem: A beautiful $12,000 Persian Wool & Silk Rug was brought in for rug cleaning because the dog had used it as a toilet, and it was disgusting.

The solution: We fully submerged the rug in our purpose built wash pit, gently pressed it and cleaned. We gently washed the rug again, carefully pressed the fibres to release the cleaning liquid and sprayed a special sanitizer over it.

It was then hung in our specially designed drying room.

The result was beautiful.  Hardly any staining.

The result: The flowers are beautiful silk.  If you look from one way, the silk flowers are red, when you look from a different direction they are light and glistening.

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    Wool & Silk Persian Colour

Our service is a ‘blue ribbon service’ – from our industry knowledge and understanding, to how we care and clean your rug through to our customer service. Request a quote today for your beautiful rug!

Devine Persian Rug Cleaning Blue Ribbon Experience

Collect your Persian Rug, cared for and cleaning by Professional Persian Rug Cleaners, Devine Rug Care

Persian Rug Steam Cleaning

Persian rugs are not only extremely beautiful but also quite pricey. If you want your handmade rugs to last for several generations, it’s essential to provide the right care. However, using homemade cleaning solutions with vinegar and other pantry ingredients can prove to be disastrous. Using a homemade concoction can cause irreversible damage to your treasured rugs! Considering how crucial rug cleaning is, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

At Devine Rug Care, we specialise in Persian Rug Steam Clean. Our experts understand how delicate the fabrics of a rug can be. That’s why we use steam cleaning to free the fibres from built-up dust, grime, pet hairs, stains, odours and so on. Moreover, we also aim to eliminate trapped pollutants, mite infestation, prevent mould growth and extend the rug’s lifespan.

If you’ve neglected proper care for a long time, the appearance of your rugs is bound to dull down and lose its original look. First, we will inspect your rug to find the best possible cleaning solution. Our experts work efficiently to thoroughly steam clean your rugs and restore their former glory. We effectively clean grime, dirt as well as bacteria with steam cleaning. Feel free to give us a call for any questions.

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