Wine Stain Removal from the Rug & Carpet

Wine Stain Removal from the Rug & Carpet


A glass of Rosé spilled over your rug can quickly set in and leave a stain. It’s not always possible to avoid this. Accidents can happen anytime.

 We specialise in red wine stain removal from all types of rugs. With over 40 years of experience and a full-equipped cleaning facility, we have what it takes to remove wine stains effectively without damaging the fibre.

 We are one of Sydney’s most trusted red wine stain removalists because we understand fibre origin and follow the best practices to remove stains. We also provide rug fibre protection that allows you to blot away wine stains before they set in.

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Devine Rug Care is all about cleaning rugs. Whether it’s an $800 or $80,000 rug, we know how to treat it at every stage, from the moment we pick it up from your home to washing, rinsing and drying. Moving furniture and rolling up a heavy rug is a labour-intensive task. Instead of straining your back, let us help you. We can even place your rug for you from where it was picked up before cleaning. Our rug pick-up and delivery service are available throughout Sydney.

What we do to remove Wine Stains from Rug

Red wine is delicious but it can be a nightmare when it comes to cherished rugs and upholstery. It just takes a slight flick of the hand and a whole glass of merlot can fly right out of your grasp and spill all over your beautiful rugs.

We follow a systematic approach to removing wine stains from the rug. First of all, we assess the rug to rule out any dye-run situation. After the initial assessment, we head over to the wash pit where the rug is washed using top-quality products and equipment.

Once the wine stains are washed away, the rug will be then rinsed in the centrifuge machine to remove up to 90% of the moisture. Our professionals will then brush and groom the rug with hands before leaving them for overnight drying in a dust-controlled facility.

Lastly, we can also apply our stain protector on your precious rug. Because let’s be real, this is not the last time a liquid will be spilled on it. Our stain protector forms an invisible barrier over your rug. Now the next time you spill wine, you can easily blot it away and prevent the liquid from penetrating the fibres.

Best Rug Cleaners for Wine Stains

Got a wine stain on your treasured rug? Devine Rug Care is your first point of contact in Sydney and its suburbs. We will come to you to collect your rug. The sooner you call, the better.

Over the years, we have treated and cleaned thousands of rugs. We have access to effective tools and solutions for quick red wine rug stain removal. Our experts have a deep understanding of the difference between various rug fibres, from silk to wool. You can depend on us to remove red wine stains from wool rugs, Chineses rugs, Persian rugs, Indian rugs, Moroccan rugs, shaggy rugs, synthetic rugs and so on.

If you are looking for someone with proven rug care methods and dependable rug collection and delivery services, Devine Rug Care is the name you can trust.

Why are we the Best for Wine Stains Removal?

Panic ensues when a glass of wine is spilled on a beautiful rug. In the fear of ruining your treasured rug, you may get a damp cloth and start vigorously scrubbing the surface. But DON’T DO THAT! Harshly rubbing the surface can fray the fibres of the rug and consequently deepening the stain.

The internet is full of all kinds of remedies and advice. Some popular ones are pouring white wine over red wine stains, sprinkling salt over red wine stain, and applying a vinegar solution. However, these homemade concoctions can do more harm than good. While salt or baking powder might be successful in soaking up some of the spill, they will leave a residue behind that will be even more difficult to clean up. As far as cleaning wine with more wine is concerned, that’s just ridiculous. Also, avoid applying vinegar or harsh bleach that can permanently damage your rug.

With several years of experience in wine removal from rug, we would recommend that you don’t reach for any over-the-counter products or questionable internet hacks.

Being leading professionals, we have an arsenal of specific products for red wine stains. A red wine stain is quite different from pet urine stain or any other stain. That’s why you can’t trust a single product to work on all kinds of stains.

If you leave those wine stains unattended for days on end, they will end up looking worse. And the damage might become irreversible.

When you call us, we will collect your rug and treat the stain timely so it doesn’t become permanent.

We are the best wine stain removalist for you because we are a locally owned business, professional, quality conscious and treat your rug individually with the utmost care.

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Fibre Protection

Frank and Raja! I couldn’t believe how well the rug protection worked. I spilled some wine over my fluffy white rug on Friday. The rug is perfect still! Thank you so much!

I’ve got young kids and a dog and spills happen more than I’d care to admit (apple juice, water stains, pet urine…) it’s very handy and I know my rug and carpets won’t get ruined.

Rug protection!!! Why didn’t I get this earlier! Brilliant idea. Thanks!

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